A graphene conductive paste (ink) which is designed specifically for stretchable and flexible electronics, providing excellent mechanical properties when printed on stretchable substrates.

The ink can be applied by screen printing, stencil printing, bar coating, rod coating, Mayer rod, painting, and other deposition methods.

Material name: DZP-GINK-360

Type: Graphene inks

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Not dispersible

Size information

Solid Content: 46 - 48 %

Viscosity: Brookfield 20,000 - 50,000 at 10 r.p.m. at 25 °C (after mixing)

Deposition method: Screen printing, stencil printing, bar coating and more

Substrate: Polymers including thermoplastic urethanes (TPU), PET, PEN, paper, textiles, etc.

Solvent: Water

Material images:

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