This is an electrically-conductive graphene-enhanced PLA filament for 3D printing. The resistivity for 3D printed parts is 4.7E+05 Ω.cm for XY, 4.5E+05 Ω.cm for Z. The filament resistivity is 3.2E+02.


  • Excellent first layer adhesion and z axis strength retention
  • Major increase in speed of processing
  • Improved strength and stiffness
  • Better impact performance
  • Excellent print quality and surface finish
  • Improved dimensional accuracy
  • Compatibility with a broad range of printers and ease of use

Compared to regular PLA: 50% increase in Young’s modulus, 30% increase in the strength of the filament, 3x increase in thermal conductivity.

Material name: HD-SRNG-CN3D

Type: Graphene 3D filaments

Availability: Shipping

Diameter: 1.75mm diameter filment packaged on 1000g reels

Color: Black

Resistivity: XY: 4.7E+05 Ω.cm, Z-direction: 4.5E+05 Ω.cm

Material type: Filament

Nozzle temperature: 210 - 210 ° celsius

Material images:

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