Large-area (up to 500x600 mm) CVD graphene sheets on copper (18um or 25um) or transparent PET (5-250um).

Transparent graphene Conductive Films (TCFs) are available with 1-3 layers for applications such as touch panels, solar cells or any transparent electrodes.

It is also possible to produce electrodes on the PET film to create heating-films for wearables, indoor heating, etc.

Material name: TSEW-CVDC

Type: Graphene sheets

Availability: Shipping

Forms: sheet

Not dispersible

Size information

Growth method: CVD

Substrates: PET or copper

Coverage: >95 %


For PET, 1 graphene layer will achieve a resistance of 190-250 ohm/sq, 2-layers will be 90-250 ohm/sq.

Material images:

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