Graphene Face Masks by planarTECH

UK-based planarTECH developed face masks that have a design that uses unique graphene and other carbon nanomaterials coatings that take advantage of graphene's antibacterial and antistatic properties. The mask is washable and reusable (up to 10 times), and the graphene material helps to spread heat and make the masks more comfortable.

Graphene Face Masks by NM Materials

India-based NanoMatrix (NM) Materials developed its own face mask (called the G1 Wonder) that uses a filter which combines graphene and silver nanoparticles. The company says that this unique combination is highly efficient at killing bacteria, microbes and viruses. The graphene edges act as "sharp atomic-thin blades" that destroy the virus or bacteria, while the silver nanoparticles "release Ag+ ions, which strongly bind to thiol groups (SH) of enzymes and proteins on the cellular surface, thus causing destabilization of membrane and cellular wall with consequent breaking down of the ATP synthesis route".

The G1 Wonder masks are re-usable and washable (for up to 30 washes)

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